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A Word From the Pastor, Reverend, Joshua B. Shuster

Reverend, Joshua B. Shuster
Senior Pastor,
Reverend, Joshua B. Shuster
This past week I looked on my bookshelf and I saw a book I haven't read in a while by Max Lucado called Grace: More than we deserve, Greater than we imagine. I wanted to share two quotes with you from the book:

"Trust God's hold on you more than your hold on God. His faithfulness does not depend on yours. His performance is not predicted on yours. His love is not contingent on your own. Your candle may flicker, but it will not expire" (page 134). Simply put, I love this quote. It is a beautiful reminder of how wonderful God's grace is towards us. It is a reminder of the definition of grace. Grace is something that we do not deserve, and thank goodness that is the case! God's love is something that is there for each of us, and no matter what we do, God's love will be waiting right there for each of us!

The second quote is one simple sentence, "More verb than noun, more present tense than past tense, grace didn't just happen; it happens" (page 146). So often we view grace as something that happened in the past, and that's true. However, grace is something that happens each and every single day.

I cannot think of a clearer example of this than VBS this summer. I was able to talk to so many parents from the community about how they found us, about their faith journey, and just listen to their stories. We have been blessed with one of the best attend Vacation Bible Schools we have had in a long time. One volunteer even told me that they don't ever remember seeing this many children at VBS. I don't say all of this as a boast, but as a reminder that God's grace is ever working. It's not just a noun, but a verb as Lucado phrases it so well. Grace is something that we all experience and something that showers us everyday. We are a blessed people, and as we have seen this summer, we are a blessed church. Our roots are deep in the community, and the community is showing us grace and thanksgiving! May God continue to bless us with grace, Amen!

Pastor Josh

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