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The Missions Committee would like to again thank everyone that contributed to the Giving Tree. The staff and residents at Rose Mountain Care Center deeply appreciated our support. We were able to supply a gift for every resident on Christmas day. A huge thank you to those who came to wrap the gifts and help load them for delivery.

We received many thank you letters from those we supported throughout 2019. NAMI, CUPS, Support Sacks, The Salvation Army, Interfaith Network of Care and Meals on Wheels. I try to post the notes and cards we receive on the Mission bulletin board in Friendship Hall as we receive them for all to see.
Feel free to come sit in on a missions meeting and share any ideas or suggestions for fundraising.
Thank you for your support in 2019 and we are looking forward to the mission projects of 2020.

Happy Hearts Day!

A Winter Prayer Let us huddle together this winter, our community a place of warmth in our lives as we share the flame of hope and connection. Let us allow the frost of isolation and bitterness to melt away as we open ourselves to a sense of peace and spirit. As we extend our thoughts to all those who are cold this winter, lacking shelter or love to keep them warm; let us wrap our prayers around them and each other like scarves, and wish each other safe journeys through the storm. May we be insulated from fear as the earth is insulated by the snow, and like bulbs, may we continue to grow and open inside, despite the cold. Ready for the spring, to stretch and grow towards justice. Amen

Adapted from a prayer by Kate Wilkinson

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