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We received several letters of appreciation for donations sent. We received letters from UMCOR, Ranch Hope and Friends for Health in Haiti. All were extremely grateful for our continued support.

The Communion offering for April is Native Americans. Native American Ministries is one of the special Sundays authorized by the General Conference to be observed annually throughout the denomination with an offering. Native American Ministries Sunday is to focus the attention of United Methodists on the gifts and contributions of Native Americans to our society and to our church. Of the funds received in the offering, one half re-mains within each Annual Conference for the building and strengthening of Native American ministries in the Conference. The remaining one half is to be used by the General Board of Global Ministries to expand the work for Native Americans in target cities in the United States.

Jesus was a voice for many of the marginalized and those deemed hopeless, however; as Native Americans continue to thrive and overcome obstacles, it is the greater community that can say, "We stand with you." Through the United Methodist Native American Minis-tries Sunday offering, hope can continue. The Native American Seminary Scholarship recipient believes the Native American community can share its love of community and nature with the wider United Methodist Church family.

YOUR GIFT MATTERS!! Your contribution supports aspiring Native American pastors and enriches outreach in their communities. Thank you in advance for Supporting Native American Ministries with your generous gifts!

Thank you.



Luke 3:11 John replied, "If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry."

Romans 12:13 When God's people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality. Please give generously to help those in need. Thank you.


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