Church History

Church History


1844 - First class was organized in Milltown by Brother Ralph Stout.

1851 - First elected board of trustees was Feb 19, 1851. The property, where the church is now, was given by Mr. Ford and Company. Mr. E.B. Wright was the lowest bid to build the church at $2110. Construction began May 5, 1851. Final cost was $ 2,5oo. This was our first church. The bell, weighing 358 pounds was given by Mrs. Ford at the cost of $162. It still rings every Sunday after 172 years.

1852- 1854 - Final separation from the New Brunswick church was made and Rev. J. Freeman was appointed first Pastor of the Milltown Charge.

1867- 1870 - Cabinet organ was donated aby Brother C. Meyer and the choir was organized.

1872 - The first church was taken down in 1872. At the same time a new horse shed was built at the rear of the church.

1872-1873 - The current church was erected Feb. 2, 1873 at the cost of $ 14, 000.

1879 - Founder James C. Enonds organized Sunday School. He served a superintendent and class leader for 25 years.

1886 - Brother Henry Brown was found dead in his bed. He was our only colored member at the time.

1887-1888 - A regular organist was hired. His salary was $35 annually. The pumper received $5.00 annually . At the same time a new hitching post was ordered and placed in front of the parsonage.

1894 - At the time the communion committee was directed to make arrangements to make wine for communion.

1851 - The church was incorporated.

1901 - A new Estey pipe organ was purchased for $ 1,200.

1909 - A new parsonage was purchased at the cost of $10,000. Today it is our church office.

1911-1918 - World War 1 ? Not much information at this time was recorded.

1919 - The telephone was installed in the parsonage.

1921 - The first hot water heater was installed in the parsonage. Purchased by the Ladies Aide Society.

1926-1927 - Stained glass windows replaced the clear windows in the sanctuary, new pews and an addition for Sunday classes out the back of the church, now the Wesley room, were added.

1937-1943 - We had two services one in the morning and one in the evening. Do to World War 2 the evening service was stopped do the fuel shortage.

1944-1950 - As of May 4, 1947 there were 162 children present for Sunday School. April 17, 1949 there were 202 children. A baby boom was in the making. World War 2 was over and great things were happening.

1952 - There were 246 children on a typical Sunday with 117 babies on the Cradle Roll.

1956 - September 1956 the okay was given to construct an addition of what is now the current Sunday School rooms. The cost was $105,055. June 1958 enrollment was 1,240 children. The new education building was dedicated May 10, 1959.

1959 - The new and current parsonage on North Main St. was purchased and the old parsonage was turned into our current office.

1963 - Do to the over crowed church some members started a sister church now known as Aldersgate Methodist Church in East Brunswick.

1966 - Miss Kaye Strunk became our newly appointed organist, under Rev. Jim Marshall. Kaye married Jeff Peck in 1970 and was with us for over 40 years.

1968 - The Flame and Cross became the symbol for Methodistism.

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